Ottieni gli ultimi approfondimenti sulla verifica dell'identità, antiriciclaggio e KYC migliori pratiche

What is eKYC?

What is eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer)?

The increasing frequency of digital interactions calls for a reliable online identity verification process. This requirement has given rise to eKYC, a process that's quickly becoming the gold standard for digital identity assurance....
Redaction of PII data feature for document checks

ComplyCube’s New PII Redaction Tackles Data Privacy Concerns

This function efficiently obscures sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII) such as the Dutch BSN, aiding businesses in adhering to international data privacy regulations without compromising user experience....
What is Document Verification? Deep dive in ID Verification| ComplyCube

What is Document Verification? An In-depth Look at ID Verification

Whether it's a bank assessing the validity of a customer's identity documents or a government institution ensuring the integrity of its processes, document verification promotes trust in systems globally....
ComplyCube wins Tech Cares Award by TrustRadius for CSR

ComplyCube wins Tech Cares Award for CSR

In recognition of the IDV leader’s consistent efforts and innovative approach in the tech sector, ComplyCube has been presented with the Tech Cares Award by TrustRadius for Corporate Social Responsibility....
ComplyCube New ID Liveness Layer for Document Authentication

ComplyCube Bolsters ID Verification with Liveness Layer

ComplyCube has fortified its Document Authentication service to tackle “screen replay attacks”, in which fraudsters present ID documents displayed on monitors, smartphones, or tablets screens....
Capterra Badges ComplyCube Win

ComplyCube Wins 2 Capterra Badges Across 5 Categories

ComplyCube earns the Best Value and Best Ease of Use badges across multiple categories, including AML, Address Verification, Background Check, Compliance, and CIAM....
Programma di partnership ComplyCube ARC: accelera le entrate con ComplyCube

Boost Revenue with the ARC Partnership Program

ComplyCube ha presentato ufficialmente ARC™ (Accelerate Revenue with ComplyCube), un'iniziativa di partnership poliedrica progettata per livellare il campo di gioco nel settore dell'antiriciclaggio....
Premi TrustRadius: vince ComplyCube

ComplyCube brilla con tre premi TrustRadius

ComplyCube ha vinto tre TrustRadius Top-Rated Awards, riconoscendo la sua esperienza in Identity Verification, AML e Mobile Identity e assicurandosi il posto come soluzione AML/KYC di prim'ordine....
Due Diligence rafforzata EDD ComplyCube

Navigare nel mondo della Due Diligence avanzata

Internet ha rivoluzionato il mondo, ma ha anche aperto nuove porte ai truffatori. Per proteggere i clienti, le risorse e la reputazione, le aziende devono implementare la Due Diligence avanzata. Continuare a leggere!