Improve KYC with real-time AML monitoring

Monitor your customers against our sanctions, watchlists, PEP, and adverse media databases after you have onboarded them with continuous AML monitoring.

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Illustration of a user profile
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Real-time notifications

Get notified in real-time should your customers’ status change.

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Customizable rules

Tailor our automation and business rules to meet your needs.

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Setup in 3 minutes

Get up in running immediately with our web-based solution.

Real-time monitoring

Actively screen your customers against 100,000+ new profiles every day​.

ComplyCube’s state-of-the-art continuous monitoring engine uses AI and high-performance computing to screen millions of customers in real-time every day. You will receive email and webhook notifications if a customer’s status changes. 

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Illustration of realtime monitoring within a browser
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Illustration of realtime monitoring within a browser. Anti-fraud software
Illustration of realtime monitoring within a browser. Anti-fraud software
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Fully configurable

Control the scope of monitoring for each of your customers

Global and granular monitoring controls over your customer population enable your MLROs and compliance officers to meet your global Ongoing Due Diligence (ODD) obligations while reducing false positives.

Simple integration

Easily integrate continuous monitoring to your processes

Removing manual batch processing and adopting an intelligent continuous monitoring engine means you can be confident that you’re fully compliant while focussing on growing your business.

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Get started with continuous monitoring now

Our ‘No code’ and ‘Low Code’ offerings enable you to start monitoring your customers in a matter of minutes

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Global customer screening

ComplyCube’s coverage spans 220 countries and territories. With thousands of global, regional, and local public and commercial lists, you can seamlessly scale and expand into markets.

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Custom lists

Use custom lists to expand and enhance the scope of our screening checks to include your internal lists of persons and companies. Our ingestion technology is capable of updating and propagating these lists in real-time.

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Our AML & KYC services are available across all major systems, including iOS, iPad OS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Our SDKs and hosted solutions offer UX-optimized capture components that can be dropped into your application in a matter of minutes.

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Powering publicly listed companies across the globe, ComplyCube meets stringent security, data privacy, and risk management requirementsData is encrypted at rest and in motion, with a rich audit trail and Roled-based Access Controls (RBAC) available out-of-the-box.

Trusted by big names

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Explore other solutions

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Watchlist screening

ComplyCube’s comprehensive coverage of global AML watchlist sources and flexible automation features ensures that you comply with the most stringent regulations.

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Adverse media screening

Protect your business reputation by screening customers using our AI-powered and highly trusted adverse media service before onboarding them.

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PEP and sanctions screening

Our market-leading screening capability provides extensive coverage on sanctioned and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) individuals, companies, and associations.

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AML risk scoring

Manage your AML risk and apply adequate customer due diligence based on our traffic-light risk scoring system, which provides a risk and explainability breakdown.