Research and development

At ComplyCube, we believe that AML & KYC research and development (R&D) form the bedrock of advancements in digital identity technologies. Our R&D initiatives are geared towards improving our fraud deterrence solution stack, ensuring privacy, and promoting innovation to address the intricate challenges presented by today’s digital landscape.

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We conduct AML and KYC research and development to improve our fraud deterrence solution stack.
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Our research philosophy

Our approach to research is based on ethical data usage and a dedication to using technology to benefit society. Our goal is to promote innovation in digital identity solutions by merging advanced research with practical applications that prioritize accurate results, user experience, security, and privacy.

Current projects

We run multiple project streams that cover a variety of areas, from improving biometric verification systems to creating algorithms that minimize bias in identity verification and ensure consistency across different global identity verification schemes. These projects reflect our dedication to setting new standards in the digital identity field.

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Impact and outcomes

Discover the tangible impacts of our research efforts, including improved fraud detection rates, enhanced user experience, and increased trust and safety online. We also highlight how our research contributes to regulatory compliance and influences industry standards.

Explore our solutions

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Sanctions and PEP screening

ComplyCube offers extensive access to global anti-money laundering (AML) watchlist resources and adaptable automation tools, making it easier to meet even the toughest regulatory requirements.

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Real-time continuous monitoring

Maintain your Ongoing Due Diligence (ODD) responsibilities effortlessly with our continuous monitoring tool. Receive instant alerts when there’s any change in your customers’ status.

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Document Verification

Our document verification service provides a top-tier user experience. Customers love the straightforward instructions and the speed of our verification process.

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Biometric Verification

Use our biometric checks to confirm that the individual presenting the identity document is present and, indeed, the same person. Our thorough evaluation incorporates both biometric and behavioral metrics to provide the utmost assurance.

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Address verification

Enhance the quality of your customer data by utilizing our intelligent capture solutions to extract and verify essential information from Proof of Address (PoA) documents, comparing it with client-supplied details and geolocation data.

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Multi-bureau checks

Verify your customer’s data, such as their name, address, date of birth, and identity number, by cross-referencing it with reliable data from government sources, credit reporting agencies, and private databases.