Selfie-based Age Estimation Check

Streamline your age-restricted offerings with ComplyCube’s low-friction age check. Leveraging facial age estimation and liveness detection from a simple selfie, we empower you to confidently serve your customers, safeguard minors, and eliminate the need for ID documents for age detection.

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Sensitive Data Protection​

Define customizable age thresholds and automatically integrate data redaction.

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Effortless User Experience

Ensure maximum protection with minimal disruption to your age-restricted user flow.

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Global Compliance

Navigate global regulations and ensure age-sensitive compliance with facial age estimation.


Verify user age with quick & secure selfie checks

Our state-of-the-art biometric facial recognition engine offers the best user experience while keeping your organization secure and compliant.

Use guided face capture to deliver low-friction access to your gaming, e-commerce, gambling, dating, and other age-protected services.

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Rely on AI-powered liveness detection​

With the help of our age detection software, age-gated websites can leverage AI-powered liveness detection to prevent underage access.

Our authenticity analysis checks the selfie for liveness signals, protecting your business from advanced presentation attacks, including 3D masks, while minimizing user friction.

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Use privacy-by-design redaction capabilities

Our best-in-class age checker allows you to stay compliant with global regulations, letting you adjust age thresholds and redact selfies to comply with the UK Online Safety Bill, EU Digital Services Act, California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act, and beyond.

Each regulation may require different privacy rules, such as not storing underage children’s selfies. The AI age estimation system auto-redacts sensitive data to align with jurisdictional demands.

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Discover the 1-Step Age Estimation Process

Get started with no-ID age estimation now

Ensure age compliance without ID documents. The AI-powered Age Estimation software caters to users who value privacy, offering a seamless experience. Our ‘No Code’ to ‘Low Code’ solutions enable you to start verifying your customer’s ages in a matter of minutes.

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Increase user conversion

Offer an excellent user experience that yields results in seconds. This swift, user-friendly approach boosts engagement, fostering trust and higher conversion rates.

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Expand globally with ease

Our fully hosted, secure verification service streamlines the process: users snap a selfie, and our age detection API takes the lead. Expand internationally with no effort.

Our Commitment

ComplyCube is committed to supporting and implementing best practices to reduce the access children have to age-restricted goods, content and services. ComplyCube puts in robust controls to ensure conformity with its commitments, and supports clients and partners to do the same.

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Frequently asked questions

Age estimation offers a frictionless experience, requiring only a selfie, without the need for users to share personal ID documents. This increases user trust, streamlines onboarding, and can lead to higher conversion rates.

We’ve designed our age estimation product to align with key global privacy regulations including the UK Online Safety Bill, EU Digital Services Act, California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act, and beyond.

An Age Estimation Check takes a few seconds to complete.

Absolutely. Our age estimation technology is designed for seamless integration into various platforms, ensuring a consistent user experience and minimal integration effort. We suggest running the check through our Hosted Solution, Web SDK, or native Mobile SDKs. These SDKs assist your clients during the capture process, ensuring a smooth and successful completion with the least resistance.