Startup Program

ComplyCube’s startup program offers early-stage and growing businesses free KYC API, AML tools, identity verification checks and other resources, enabling them to implement engaging customer onboarding and KYC flows. Qualifying startups receive substantial credit allowances.

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Plug into our award-winning verification platform

The ComplyCube Startup Program is tailored to your startup’s stage of development, and it includes product involvement. We’re committed to assisting you in building a long-term, successful business, and our goal is to give you the necessary assistance, services, and technology.

The program is highly selective and is designed to support founders and CTOs in building and growing organizations that are ‘compliant by design’. Our program provides a wide range of resources, including ComplyCube’s best-in-class verification platform, tailored technical advice, and access to our compliance experts.

How we support the next generation of founders

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Access to the ComplyCube Platform

Receive free credits, valid for 12 months, for ComplyCube services to ensure that you have a flexible, scalable identity verification foundation upon which you can build frictionless user journeys.

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Expert Technical Advice Tailored for Your Company

Meet with expert advisors for dedicated 1:1 sessions, where you’ll learn how to overcome any challenges you may encounter. We’ll help you scale and solve problems with you as you grow.

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Compliance guidance based on your unique use case

Our experts will support you with implementing a robust and risk-based AML/KYC framework, and offer training and consultancy to up-skill your staff.

Benefits of Using ComplyCube

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Dedicated assistance

You will get access to best-in-class technical and compliance experts.

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Discounted rates

Get preferential rates once your free credit is consumed or has expired. 

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Global compliance

ComplyCube’s coverage spans 220+ countries and territories. 

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Powering listed companies across the globe, ComplyCube meets stringent security, data privacy, and risk management requirements.

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Our AML & KYC services are available across all major systems, including iOS, iPad OS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. 

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Unlimited scale

Our fully-managed KYC as a service makes it easy to scale your business AML and KYC compliance.

General questions

  • Incorporated less than 3 years ago.
  • Raised no more than 5 million USD, or equivalent, in total funding.
  • Has a publicly available company website.
  • Not an educational institution, government entity, non-profit, personal blog, dev shop, consultancy, agency, partner or crypto-mining company.
  • Committed to building a risk-based AML/KYC framework in line with FATF’s guidelines.
  • A minimum of 1,000 initial credits, with opportunities to receive additional credits based on Accelerator or VC investor backing.

  • Select startups, able to showcase ComplyCube's IDV, will be eligible to receive up to $50,000 worth of credits and enjoy unique KYC capabilities.

  • AML/KYC training and consultancy to up-skill staff.

  • Get invited to preview new services that are not publicly available.
  • Select startups may qualify for a dedicated ComplyCube Account Manager.

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Explore our solutions

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Sanctions and PEP screening

ComplyCube’s comprehensive coverage of global AML watchlist sources and flexible automation features ensures that you comply with the most stringent regulations.

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Real-time continuous monitoring

Keep on top of your Ongoing Due Diligence (ODD) obligations with ease, using our continuous monitoring service. You’ll get notified in real-time should your customers’ status change.

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Document Verification

Our document verification service offers a best-in-class user experience. Your users will love the clear instructions as they are guided through our fast verification process.

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Biometric Verification

Use our advanced biometric checks to verify the person presenting the identity document is the same individual. Our comprehensive analysis uses biometric and behavioral vectors to give you the highest level of assurance.

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Address verification

Improve the quality of your customer information by using our smart capture solutions and extract relevant details from Proof of Address (PoA) documents and verify them against client-provided details and geolocation.

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Multi-bureau checks

Verify your customer details such as name, address, date of birth, and Social Security Number (SSN) against a wide range of trusted sources such as government agencies, credit bureaus, and proprietary databases.