Integrate quickly

Integrate quickly

Integrating an AML/KYC process into your platform used to be a complex and time-consuming activity - no more. Take advantage of our slick SDKs and UI components to quickly integrate ComplyCube Identity Verification (IDV) and start onboarding your customers faster than ever before.

Fast Onboarding

UX centric

ComplyCube, with its API-first approach, lets you design the best User eXperience (UX) for your business. You can customise onboarding steps, set up notifications, allow complex user interactions, and get rich audit reporting. This empowers you to own the end to end-user experience on your platform.

Go global

Go global

You don't need a separate KYC and IDV solution for each market you operate in. ComplyCube's unique solution provides you with unparalleled coverage of over 200 countries, all with a single integration - saving you valuable time, effort, money and allowing you to focus more on your core business.

Focus on your core businessFocus on your core business Not on compliance infrastructure

Without the ComplyCube platform

Without ComplyCube, integrate with multiple KYC service providers, build your own user onboarding & KYC compliance works, maintain your own compliance infrastructure.

Without the ComplyCube platform

With the ComplyCube platform

With ComplyCube, easily integrate with our fully-featured Sandbox, focus more on your business and user experience, and manage the underlying compliance platform.

With the ComplyCube platform

Fast & reliable checksAll-in-one platform

ComplyCube provides a global solution for onboarding and verifying your customers, whether they are individuals or businesses. The platform has been designed in collaboration with leading AML/KYC experts to meet global and local regulatory requirements, including but not limited to FATF, FINMA, FCA, SEC, HKMA, and MAS. Our unique ecosystem (API, Mobile & Web SDKs, Web Portal, and so on) will empower you to design a risk-based approach that's most suitable to your business and customer segments - and in no time!

Know Your Customer

ComplyCube advanced screening capabilities are designed to help you prevent bad actors from having access to your platform and using it for nefarious purposes.

KNow Your Business

ComplyCube has a global coverage for sanctioned, barred, restricted companies and entities, which includes all statutory lists as well as those suspected of fraud, corruption, human right abuse, and so forth.

Ultimate Beneficial Owners

Trace shareholders and Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) with significant company control to comply with prevailing regulations such as the European Union Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (MLD5).

Check ID Documents

ComplyCube uses Deep Learning and advanced analytics to extract MRZ and perform 6 categories of analysis on ID documents, including detailed checks on visual security elements.

Selfie Check

Using advanced biometric algorithms, ComplyCube establishes similarity between a live selfie and an ID document to determine whether the holder is indeed present during the verification process.

Seamless onboarding & verification

Seamless onboarding & verificationSeamless onboarding & verification

We know that learning how to navigate the increasingly complex and stringent regulatory landscape, including KYC, OFAC restrictions, sanctions screening, barred entities, and so much more, is a very intimidating and daunting undertaking, to say the least.

That is why we have spent years designing and improving the simplest, highest-converting ways to onboard and verify customers. For instance, using our API, you can create bespoke workflows to stagger data collection and keep your signup process lightweight.

ComplyCube also provides several feature-rich SDKs that let you get up and running even more quickly.

Compliance & coverageCompliance & coverage

  • Cutting-edge biometric identity checks
  • Advanced linguistic and phonetic-based KYC/AML checks
  • API-based global watchlist & sanctions screening
  • Global Political Exposed Persons (PEP) classification
  • Large database for adverse and negative media
  • AI-based suspicious behaviour detection for bad actors

Whether you are a marketplace, a bank, or a FinTech, there's no doubt that you are wrestling with compliances hurdles on a daily basis. Some of these issues may include a high number of false screening matches, a high drop-off rate of potential customers during onboarding, scalability of your identity verification process, and so forth. ComplyCube makes it easier to overcome these obstacles by enabling you to build your KYC process on our cutting-edge and highly scalable compliance platform. This empowers you to stay focused on your offerings and spend less time on compliance-related tasks.

Under the hood, ComplyCube is powered by a proprietary AI suspicious behaviour detection engine, linguistic-based screening, smart workflows to help you with KYC needs and AML obligations, and leverages the cloud to offer blazing-fast and rich APIs.

Web portalWeb portal

If you need a bird's eye view of your users and their onboarding status, you need a hub for all the workflows involved. Our Web Portal lets your support & operations teams view every stage of the user lifecycle: onboarding status, checks history, detailed verification outcomes, PDF reports, and more.

The Web Portal also allows your Money Laundering Reporting Officers (MLROs) to create investigative cases for screening matches and unsuccessful checks.

Web portal shown on iPad
Global platform

Global platformInternational support

Expanding your business internationally typically requires securing a local AML/KYC partner. With ComplyCube's unparalleled coverage, you can swiftly expand internationally, knowing that your AML/KYC obligations are met with our all-in-one platform. ComplyCube indeed meets global and local regulatory requirements, including but not limited to FATF, FINMA, FCA, SEC, HKMA, and MAS. Our screening coverage spans over 220 countries and 1000s of global, regional, local lists and databases.

Our Document Checking service supports more than 2700 document types from 175+ countries, and we are continuously increasing its coverage. Moreover, ComplyCube has personal data protection built into every aspect of the platform. So whether your customers come from Europe (GDPR), the USA, Asia (PDPA) or CIS (FZ-152), to name a few, you can rest assured that your customers’ data is secured and managed in ways that exceed regulatory expectations.

Simple and powerful APIAPI-rich platform

API designed by developers for developer to empower next-gen automated processes.