ComplyCube Wins 2 Capterra Badges Across 5 Categories

Capterra Badges ComplyCube Win

London, August 2, 2023 – ComplyCube, the leading identity verification SaaS platform, has reached another milestone by securing two accolades from Capterra. With a perfect overall rating, ComplyCube solidifies its position as a top-tier platform in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance. 

Capterra, a Gartner company and leading business software review platform, has just revealed the winners of its 2023 badges. These accolades are awarded based on user feedback and ratings, providing an authentic measure of customer satisfaction and the quality of products and services rendered.

This recognition comes shortly after the recent win of three Top-Rated TrustRadius awards endorsing ComplyCube’s expertise in Identity Verification, Anti-Money Laundering, and Mobile Identity. 

Dual Recognition by Capterra

ComplyCube earned both the Best Value and Best Ease of Use badges across multiple categories, including AML, Address Verification, Background Check, Compliance, and Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM). These accolades reflect the organization’s ongoing commitment to providing cost-effective, user-friendly solutions in the complex field of AML and KYC. 

Mohamed Alsalehi, CTO of ComplyCube, lauds his team’s tireless efforts, stating, “They strive to develop a platform that doesn’t just deliver efficiency and effectiveness to end-users, but also simplifies the integration process.”

ComplyCube Capterra Win 2 badges across five categories: AML, Compliance, CIAM, Address Verification, Background Check; AML Capterra Badges

ComplyCube’s ISO-certified platform boasts the fastest omnichannel integration turnaround in the market with Low/No-Code solutions, API, Mobile SDKs, Client Libraries, and CRM Integrations.

We believe that the essence of a great product lies in its usability, and that’s been our focus since day one.

Recognizing the critical role that developers play in bringing technology solutions to life, ComplyCube has placed special emphasis on nurturing a developer-friendly environment. Alsalehi further elaborates, “The team is deeply committed to making compliance processes accessible and straightforward. They focus on converting complex tasks into intuitive operations, easing the developers’ burden and fostering innovation.”

Pioneering Customer-Centric Compliance 

Upon securing the awards, Dr. Tarek Nechma, CEO of ComplyCube, emphasized a similar account, suggesting that this is another robust validation of the team’s hard work to ensure the AI platform is not only the most accurate, reliable, and comprehensive in the industry but also highly user-friendly.

They fuel our resolve to continue building a future where trust in the internet is the norm.

Dr. Nechma also noted that the team’s sights remain firmly set on sparking a paradigm shift that reverberates across the entire industry. As ComplyCube continues to innovate and provide solutions that address the evolving needs of global businesses in this dynamic landscape, it looks forward to more opportunities to serve and empower its customers.

Commitment to Client Success 

Demonstrating an unyielding commitment to client success, ComplyCube has always prioritized understanding and catering to its customers’ unique requirements, delivering unparalleled customer experiences from initial engagement to ongoing support.

This news comes in light of the recent reviews that praised the global AI platform. Sarah C. stated, “Their solution is easy to use and integrate, has global coverage, offers many customization options, and is immediately accessible. From discovering their solution till we integrated, it took less than a day! Additionally, they offer an excellent Startup program we were fortunate enough to enroll in.”

From discovering their solution till we integrated, it took less than a day!

Similarly, Chris L. commended ComplyCube expressing that “ComplyCube enabled us to streamline our AML/KYC process, resulting in reduced complexity, cost, and onboarding time. We used to rely on separate vendors for Sanctions and PEP screening and document and liveness checks, but consolidating all of these into one platform has made it more manageable for us and improved the user experience for our customers.”

ComplyCube enabled us to streamline our AML/KYC process, resulting in reduced complexity, cost, and onboarding time.

Fuelling Global Growth

ComplyCube is an AI-powered platform equipped to address the dynamic compliance challenges organizations face, regardless of their size. It boasts versatility, catering to various businesses across multiple sectors, including but not limited to financial services, healthcare, telecoms, and e-commerce. Its wide-ranging applicability stretches globally, presenting a significant advantage for companies worldwide to leverage its extensive capabilities.

The IDV leader also runs a highly advantageous Startup program. It provides considerable credit allowances (up to $50,000) for eligible startups to enhance customer onboarding and KYC operations while ensuring comprehensive compliance. The one-stop shop AML platform has also recently released ARC. This multi-layered partnership program enables members to leverage their networks for revenue generation and engage globally, promoting a more competitive landscape in the AML/KYC sector.

With its focus on customer success, cutting-edge technology, and supportive initiatives, ComplyCube helps businesses concentrate on their core objectives while ensuring seamless compliance, promoting sustainable growth, and enhancing user experience.

To learn more about ComplyCube’s award-winning solutions and how they benefit organizations, contact the team here

About ComplyCube

ComplyCube is an award-winning identity verification platform for AML and KYC compliance automation. The one-stop shop IDV provider combines cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, trusted data sources, and expert human reviewers to enable businesses to effortlessly achieve global AML/CTF compliance, convert more customers, prevent fraud, and cut costs.

About Capterra 

Capterra is a leading online resource for software solutions comparison. Its user-centric platform collects and provides comprehensive reviews, insights, and expert analyses across various software products. It empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, ensuring their chosen software aligns seamlessly with their specific needs and goals.

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