ComplyCube Shines with Top-Rated TrustRadius Awards

TrustRadius Awards: ComplyCube wins

London, May 16, 2023 – ComplyCube, the market-leading identity verification platform, has earned three TrustRadius awards. This achievement cements the company’s remarkable track record of excellence and customer-focused service, further securing its spot as a top-rated AML/KYC solution.

TrustRadius, the highly-regarded B2B technology decisioning platform, has recently unveiled the recipients of the 2023 Top-Rated Accolades. These distinctions are driven exclusively by customer sentiment and reviews, an authentic testament to their satisfaction and trust in the winning products and services.

Highly Rated Across Three Categories

ComplyCube has won three TrustRadius Top-Rated Badges, recognizing its expertise in Identity Verification, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Mobile Identity. The badges are awarded to high-performing organizations that excel in their fields. The AI-powered platform distinguishes itself as the exclusive winner across the first two categories, showcasing outstanding excellence and high performance.

As for the top-rated badge for Mobile Identity, ComplyCube shares the recognition with industry leader Okta. The organization finds itself in a great company, as past winners include notable enterprises such as Amazon Web Services. This acknowledgment reflects the platform’s exceptional performance and its ability to compete on par with established powerhouses, delivering impressive compliance solutions and driving innovation in the AML/KYC industry.

ComplyCube wins 3 TrustRadius Awards ,top-rated aml software

Driving Excellence in Compliance

Dr. Tarek Nechma, CEO of ComplyCube, shared his thoughts on the company’s success. He highlighted that the awards further validate the organization’s devotion to delivering pioneering solutions that empower institutions to enhance compliance practices and safeguard against financial crime. 

We remain steadfast in our mission to enable trust in the internet at scale and drive positive change in the industry

As Dr. Nechma points out, prioritizing clients is paramount for the organization. Driven by a passion for customer success, ComplyCube’s efforts are focused on building long-term partnerships and ensuring exceptional customer experiences at every touchpoint.

Relentless Customer Focus

ComplyCube continues to demonstrate a relentless client-centricity in all aspects of its operations. From the initial engagement to ongoing support, the identity verification platform takes proactive measures to understand and meet its customers’ unique requirements, consistently prioritizing their needs and expectations.

It’s a lifesaver when it comes to handling a large volume of data related to customer onboarding and KYC verification

Director in Product Management, Financial Services

The comprehensive AI platform serves as a one-stop shop, providing flexible solutions specifically designed to tackle the ever-changing compliance challenges encountered by organizations of all sizes. Whether it’s startups or enterprises, the platform caters to diverse businesses spanning various industries, such as financial services, healthcare, telecoms, e-commerce, and more. This wide-reaching coverage extends globally, enabling companies across the world to benefit from its expansive capabilities.

ComplyCube also offers a highly competitive startup program aimed at supporting early-stage and growing businesses. Qualifying startups receive substantial credit allowances worth up to $50,000, enabling them to enhance customer onboarding and KYC flows. With cutting-edge technology and personalized support, the AML/KYC leader empowers startups to focus on their core mission while achieving compliance excellence and sustainable growth. 

We were impressed by their extensive cross-industry knowledge and the flexibility of their solution

Managing Director, Management Consulting

ComplyCube’s commitment to championing customer experience shines through in the reviews, highlighting its timely responses, personalized interactions, and deep understanding of the industries served. The positive feedback underlines the organization’s customer-centricity and its credentials as a trusted SaaS platform for delivering comprehensive compliance solutions.

The global AML leader continues to set the benchmark in modern compliance solutions, empowering businesses of all sizes to implement streamlined processes, onboard more customers, and stay ahead of fraudsters.

To learn more about ComplyCube’s award-winning solutions and how they benefit organizations, contact the team here


About ComplyCube

ComplyCube is an award-winning identity verification platform for AML and KYC compliance automation. The one-stop shop IDV provider combines cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, trusted data sources, and expert human reviewers to enable businesses to effortlessly achieve global AML/CTF compliance, convert more customers, prevent fraud, and cut costs.


About TrustRadius

TrustRadius is a reputable online platform that serves as a trusted hub for enterprise software reviews and insights. Through its comprehensive database of software products, detailed user feedback, and expert analysis, TrustRadius facilitates transparent discussions and authentic feedback, enabling organizations to make informed decisions and select the most suitable software solutions for their specific needs. 

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