Complete KYC toolkitThe complete KYC toolkit for your business

The ComplyCube Platform offers the most complete and flexible KYC tools to help you build trust in your business. Whether you’re a new start-up or a multinational enterprise, we’ve got you covered.

Our integrated ecosystem enables you to leverage our user-centric workflows to create a frictionless experience for your customers. And our SDKs work across all platforms - from desktop to tablet and smartphone - so that you can pick what works best for your business.

Explore our solutions

Our solutions

Effortless Integration

Effortless Integration

With ComplyCube, you have a single API that provides all required KYC services, reducing time to implement, complexity, and cost. And with our SDKs, developers can deliver solutions even faster without dealing with many suppliers.

Fast Onboarding

Fast Onboarding

Increase your conversion rates by onboarding new clients in seconds. ComplyCube's integrated platform offers unrivalled flexibility that allows you to create tailored and lightning-fast workflows that meet your client and business needs.

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

ComplyCube boasts ever-increasing worldwide data coverage and Identity Verification capabilities that meet the KYC requirements of 250+ territories in Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America and the Middle East.

Industry-Leading SolutionIndustry-Leading Solution

AI-Driven Engine

AI-Driven Engine

Fast and reliable Identity Verification that leverages state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Smart Workflows

Smart Workflows

Onboard clients with our cutting-edge solution in under 1 minute, using our customisable workflows and SDKs.

Cloud-Native Solution

Cloud-Native Solution

Build upon the latest cloud stack, enabling the platform to infinitely scale up to meet your business needs.

iPhone illustration showing facial detection software
iPhone illustration showing facial detection software
iPhone illustration showing facial detection software
iPhone illustration showing facial detection software
iPhone illustration showing facial detection software

Industry-Leading SolutionIndustries

Financial services

Digital transformation at scale

As part of digital transformation, many financial institutions choose ComplyCube to streamline and further automate their Client Onboarding process and perform ongoing due diligence to comply with the prevailing AML/KYC/CTF regulations. Our platform can be configured to meet financial institutions' needs, be it Tier 1 International Banks, insurance firms, or Regional Banking Unions.

  • Use our slick Identity & Document Verification integration to speed up customer acquisition and improve conversion rates.
  • Configure risk thresholds to enable a comprehensive risk-based KYC/CDD approach based on targeted customer segments.
  • Manage cases and investigations at scale with our intuitive case management tool, full audit trail, and real-time notifications.
  • Get a complete view of a customer’s risk on one page, including Sanctions, OFAC, PEP, barred or disqualified entities, and Adverse Media.

Empowering mobility & agility

In many jurisdictions worldwide, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) must identify customers during the SIM activation or registration process. Furthermore, if the SIM card is used to facilitate mobile payments or remittance, AML/KYC regulations come into force, and the same due diligence requirements for financial institutions apply.

  • Leverage our fast identity & document verification service to reliably establish the identity of the SIM card holder.
  • Use ComplyCube's suspicious behaviour detection to check a customer or retailer fraud.
  • Check addresses using our Address Verification service to ensure they are accurate and are being used for legitimate purposes.
  • Perform lightning-fast AML/CTF screening for payment senders and recipients against millions of Watchlist, Sanctions, OFAC, PEP, barred or disqualified entities, and adverse Media profiles.

Brokering trust online

Online marketplaces, where buyers and sellers converge, are fundamentally trust brokers between parties partaking in transactions. Nonetheless, trust cannot be established unless the true identity of both parties is reliably determined. That is why many marketplaces around the world choose ComplyCube to be the backbone of their foundational trust layer, thanks to our friendly, accurate and fast Identity Verification.

  • Establish buyers' identities at the point of their first transaction on the platform, using ComplyCube's SDKs.
  • Verify sellers' identities as part of the account opening process and request additional identity checks based on annual turnover.
  • Use ComplyCube's suspicious behaviour detection to check for customer or retailer fraud.
  • Leverage ComplyCube’s continuous monitoring to frequently screen customers and sellers against the latest watchlist and fraud databases.

Enabling the on-demand economy

If you’re a car-sharing company, you have to employ adequate security measures to keep your drivers and riders safe. On the other hand, if you are a car, van, bicycles, or scooter hire company, establishing the identity of your customers will help you deter fraud and negligence, thus protecting your bottom line. In both cases, strong and frictionless identity verification is an essential requirement in order to eliminate bad actors from your business.

  • Use ComplyCube to verify a driver’s license and biometrics quickly and remotely, at onboarding or at different stages of the customer journey.
  • Perform age verification to ensure riders comply with the prevailing policies.
  • Leverage facial recognition to prevent promotional account fraud where multiple accounts are opened to collect sign-up bonuses.
  • Routinely re-check drivers using ComplyCube’s ongoing monitoring to ensure KYC compliance is up-to-date.

Making crypto accessible for all

ComplyCube is trusted by numerous crypto businesses. Whether you need to verify the identity of prospective investors into your Initial Coin Office (ICO), or screen payments into and out of your platform, we’ve got you covered with our multi-layered compliance solution. Our global coverage ensures that you don’t fall foul of any national or international watchlists, whilst our Identity Verification service helps you meet your KYC obligations in a breeze.

  • Effortlessly identity investors or customers using our fast Identity & Document Verification.
  • Perform batch AML screening as part of the initial vetting process for investors.
  • Get a complete AML risk view, including Sanctions, OFAC, PEP, barred or disqualified entities, and adverse media.
  • Implement a multi-level clearance to enhance your risk-based approach and determine appropriate Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) requirements.

Enabling frictionless onboarding

In today's world, buyers are spoilt for choice when it comes to online retail fronts. Whilst competitive pricing is an important factor in winning first-time customers, user experience is the key to retaining and attracting repeat customers. And that starts with the onboarding process. ComplyCube has been designed from the ground-up to provide an unparalleled and frictionless user experience. Whether you're after Age, Document, or Identity Verification, you've come to the right place!

  • With our Autofill feature, prefill forms using data extracted from your customer’s ID, thus making the user experience faster and smoother.
  • Check a customer’s age to ensure compliance with the prevailing policies and regulations, e.g. prevent underage restricted purchases.
  • Use our Identity Verification to confirm purchases with high sale amounts or those flagged as potentially suspicious.
  • Leverage facial recognition to prevent promotional account abuse where multiple accounts are opened to collect sign-up discounts.

Empowering the financial revolution

Financial Technology (FinTech) companies have emerged as serious contenders to many established firms. FinTechs leverage the latest technology and innovation to provide a best-in-class user experience, unprecedented value for money, and the promise of rapid growth. That is why many established, and nascent FinTechs turn to ComplyCube to accompany them in their upward growth journey, knowing that our platform will provide an uncompromising, cost-effective, and infinitely scalable compliance service.

  • Use our drop-in Identity Verification User Interface (UI) to effortlessly speed up customer acquisition and improve conversion rates.
  • Integrate our world-leading RESTful APIs and Webhooks into responsive and slick Apps across all platforms.
  • Screen payments at scale against millions of Watchlist, Sanctions, OFAC, PEP, barred or disqualified entities, and adverse Media profiles.
  • Leverage our feature-rich and intuitive Web Portal to conduct and manage investigative cases.

Safeguarding people & interests

Whether you're a real-estate agency or an online lodging platform, knowing that the true identity of landlords, tenants, and lodgers is not only a legal requirement in many countries around the world but also a necessity to protect the interests and safety of all parties. And if you're a solicitor, notary, or conveyancer dealing with large sums of money, Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) and AML checks are crucial in fighting money laundering and terrorism financing. It is, therefore, of paramount importance that you choose your compliance partner carefully and rigorously.

  • Verify-in seconds passports, national IDs, driving licences, and visas to establish the identity of your stakeholders.
  • Quickly screen deposits and payments against our vast AML, PEP, and watchlist databases.
  • Use our AML country risk indicators to inform your KYC process and perform the required level of due diligence.
  • Download check reports in PDF for audit and safe-keeping purposes.

Simple and powerful APISimple and powerful API

Our simple and intuitive API solution has been designed from the ground-up to provide you with all the functionality you need to integrate our data and services into your processes. Check out our world-class API documentation and full-featured Sandbox to get started today.