Biometric Facial Recognition

Our biometric facial recognition engine conducts cutting-edge selfie verification. The facial recognition software deters spoofing attacks through an in-depth face-check analysis of biometric and behavioral vectors. All you need is a selfie or a quick video. Aligned with global safety protocols, our technology ensures high levels of assurance.

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Liveness detection for running an age check during an age detection process
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Combat identity spoofing with advanced face recognition technology

Amid the growing complexity of identity spoofing attack scenarios, the call for robust biometric authentication methods becomes ever more pressing. Our selfie identity verification solution, fortified with advanced AI mapping analysis and liveness detection, stands at the forefront of this challenge. This powerful blend of technology not only thwarts deceptive attempts but also upholds stringent global security benchmarks, preserving trust in an ever-evolving digital age.

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Selfie-based Onboarding with Quick Integration

Integrate online face recognition quickly and securily with low to no-code solutions, APIs, web & mobile SDKs, and more.

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State-of-the-art AI-based Facial Verification

Our cutting-edge engine uses ML & facial recognition AI to analyze and authenticate biometric features in real-time. 

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No-document ID Facial Recognition Technology

Our customer onboarding process offers low-friction, no-document facial recognition, ensuring swift and secure identity verification.

Tailored Facial Verification Adaptability

Facial recognition plays a pivotal role in numerous sectors. In the banking sector, it offers an added layer of security during onboarding and ongoing monitoring. For gambling, it assists in age verification and promotes responsible gaming. Car ride hire companies employ it for continuous monitoring of drivers to ensure passenger safety.

The technology can be either selfie-based or video-based. Depending on the level of assurance required, it can be integrated alongside other identity verification techniques, such as document checks, or used as a primary standalone feature.

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Why Complycube?

The ComplyCube platform offers the most complete, flexible, and top-rated KYC solutions to help you build trust in your business. Whether you’re a startup or a multinational enterprise, we’ve got you covered.

10+ million

Transactions are processed week in and week out across the globe.


Countries and territories supported for a greater peace of mind.


Data points from trusted sources and partners across the world, giving you the highest coverage.


Client onboarding rate, helping you convert more customers and grow your business. 

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Advanced Security

We routinely conduct comprehensive penetration tests, using advanced security measures and protocols, to guarantee protection against potential threats.

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Our platform efficiently obscures sensitive information, tailoring selfie redaction according to jurisdictional laws, balancing data protection and compliance.

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Liveness Enhanced Selfie Check

Our advanced Liveness Detection system seamlessly discerns genuine users from deceptive attempts such as manipulated photos or deepfakes, ensuring secure face authentication and robust identity verification.

ComplyCube offers AI-powered solutions that automatically enforce different types of liveness detection for selfie authentication:

  • Active Liveness: action-based video guidance
  • Passive Liveness: still image multi-point analysis

Age Estimation Checks

Enhance age-gated products and services using ComplyCube’s integrated age estimation solutions. Leveraging face check assessment and liveness detection from just one selfie, we empower you to serve your customers with assurance, safeguarding minors without the need for ID documents.

Boost your data security with our adjustable age thresholds. Incorporate auto-redaction effortlessly to shield sensitive data, thereby strengthening your adherence to compliance and privacy standards.

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Over 18 years old age detection api
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Biometric Verification

Achieving the best customer experience means merging efficient interactions with deep data insight. This vision fuels our design, making our biometric liveness detection exceptionally effective with merely a selfie.

While our approach is streamlined, our guard remains high. From sophisticated photo manipulations to 3D masks or deepfakes, our system stands strong against spoofing, underpinned by the precision of our online facial recognition.

Frequently asked questions

Facial recognition technology is an AI-driven engine that identifies or verifies an individual from a digital image or a video frame by analyzing and comparing patterns in biometric features.

To combat facial recognition bias, several measures have been adopted. Our advanced AI algorithms are trained on diverse datasets that encompass various ethnicities, ages, genders, and lighting conditions to ensure equitable recognition. Regular tests are conducted to identify and rectify any biases. Moreover, advanced facial feature mapping captures the nuances of different populations, reinforcing the accuracy and fairness.


Our global ISO-certified platform emphasizes robust privacy and compliance. Data is encrypted during processing and storage, and we adhere to global regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. Whether you're using our facial recognition API, SDK, or Hosted Solution, user consent comes first, ensuring transparency and protection.

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Multi-bureau Checks

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