The easiest way to authenticate your customers

Securely and accurately authenticate your trusted customers before accessing your services using our multi-point biometric matching technology.

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Accurate face authentication

Authenticate your customers enrolled faces confidently and securely.

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Trusted identity verification

Our solution detects spoofing, tackles fraud, and minimises false-positives.
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Simple & quick integration

Cut down integration time and effort with our powerful SDKs & APIs.

Face Authentication

Deliver seamless customer authentication that takes seconds

ComplyCube uses proprietary face maps to verify your customer’s face against their enrolled face to empower repeat-access authentication. 

Our solution is intuitive, secure, and works cross-device, unlike traditional methods such as SMS, phone calls, and two-factor authentication (2FA), which introduce friction and operational overheads.

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Customer identity, KYC Solutions: ID verified
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Liveness checks

Benefit from an additional layer of biometric protection

Deter and detect fraud with the power of AI and neural networks. Trust that you’ve established a genuine presence by undertaking active and passive liveness checks without disrupting the customer’s onboarding experience.

Trusted Digital Experience

An expertly crafted flow that places customer experience first

The entire process only takes a few seconds. The type of device, quality of the camera, and internet speed of your customer do not impact the integrity of our authentication. Collectively, these will make your customers happier while reducing the operational workload.

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Integrate our face-based authentication flow to all your channels

Our low-code hosted page and world-class web & mobile SDKs can be effortlessly integrated into your solution for a secure and fully-vetted flow.

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Certified liveness detection

Our platform gives you a simple liveness score that is easy to understand. Under the hood, it conducts a multitude of checks including face depth analysis, micro-expressions detection, occlusion recognition, skin texture analysis, anti-spoofing checks, and more.

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Global compliance

Our solution meets remote identity verification regulations from across the globe to ensure that you are compliant, no matter when and what new market you enter.

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Our services are available across all major systems, including iOS, iPad OS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Our SDKs and hosted solutions offer UX-optimized capture components that can be dropped into your application in a matter of minutes.

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Powering publicly listed companies across the globe, ComplyCube meets stringent security, data privacy, and risk management requirementsData is encrypted at rest and in motion, with a rich audit trail and Roled-based Access Controls (RBAC) available out-of-the-box.

Trusted by big names

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