ComplyCube Achieves ACCS Certification for Age Verification

ComplyCube receives Age Verification ACCS Certification by Age Check Certification Scheme

LONDON, JAN 23, 2024 — ComplyCube, a global leader in Identity Verification (IDV) solutions, has received the ACCS Certification for Age Check Systems and Data Protection and Privacy Certification, incorporating PAS 1296:2018 Code of Practice for Age Check Systems. This certification, awarded by the Age Check Certification Scheme (ACCS), cements ComplyCube’s dedication to protecting minors across various online sectors.

Navigating Global Regulatory Landscapes

In an era of increasing regulatory demands and online safety challenges, the milestone is more relevant than ever. The FTC’s hefty $170 million fine for COPPA violations in the US highlights the critical need for compliance in safeguarding minors. In the UK, with 45% of young internet users encountering inappropriate content, the necessity for effective age controls is evident. Further, Brazil’s burgeoning sports betting market, expected to reach $1.70bn by 2028, underscores the importance of robust age verification in the online gaming sector.

In the UK, with 45% of young internet users encountering inappropriate content, the necessity for effective age controls is evident.

ComplyCube passed with zero non-conformities, a testament to the AI platform’s strict adherence to the highest standards in age verification and data protection. This achievement is particularly noteworthy amidst strict global regulations such as the UK Online Safety Bill, EU GDPR and Digital Services Act, and California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act (COPPA).

Commitment to Ethical Compliance and Trust Building

“Regulatory compliance in age-restricted industries is a moral obligation, not just a legal requirement,” stated Joshua Dent, Business Strategy Manager at ComplyCube.

Our certification by ACCS, with zero non-conformities, shows our market-leading capability to help partners meet expectations and build trust at scale.

“Our steadfast dedication to innovation and adherence to compliance standards has been crucial in reaching this milestone,” Dr. Tarek Nechma, CEO of ComplyCube, further explained. “This certification serves as a proof of our firm commitment to delivering top-tier age verification solutions. We ensure that online platforms are secure and only accessible to suitable age groups, all while maintaining a strong focus on protecting user privacy and data security.”

State-of-the-art Age Verification Solutions

ComplyCube’s Age Verification technology, equipped with advanced liveness detection and dynamic automation rules, empowers partner businesses to authenticate the genuine presence of customers and adhere to diverse age restriction standards while delivering a seamless user experience.

The platform’s AI-driven system adeptly customizes verification thresholds to match specific age requirements. In line with its privacy-centric PII Redaction feature, only essential information is being disclosed in accordance with local legal mandates. For businesses requiring less stringent age assurance, ComplyCube offers a low-friction Age Estimation solution.

As ComplyCube broadens its international reach, this certification further solidifies its status as a frontrunner in the identity verification arena, promoting secure and compliant digital interactions across a multitude of industries and geographical regions.

About ComplyCube

ComplyCube is a leading SaaS & API platform for Identity Verification (IDV), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance. Catering to a global market across various sectors, it boasts an ISO-certified platform noted for rapid omnichannel integration. ComplyCube offers a range of user-friendly solutions including Low/No-Code options, APIs, Mobile SDKs, and CRM Integrations, making it a top choice in age verification and online security.

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