Liveness detection

Our advanced Liveness Detection system verifies the genuine presence of a user by distinguishing real individuals from spoofed attempts, such as tampered images or injected videos, ensuring secure authentication and identity verification.

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Real-time liveness checks for business protection

In the face of increasing identity fraud incidents propelled by AI-powered image and video alteration tools, ensuring the confident onboarding of genuine customers and managing high-risk entities is crucial. Our AI-powered solutions provide both passive (involving still photos) and active (involving action-based) biometric verification checks in order to confirm customer presence and discourage malicious individuals.

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Omni-channel Integration for Smooth Onboarding

Integrate with ease via SDKs, no-code solutions, and the web platform, to enable secure customer onboarding.

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Leveraging AI for Enhanced Liveness Verification

Our cutting-edge algorithm uses ML & AI to analyze biometric traits and patterns against recognized liveness indicators in real-time.

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Seamless UX & Reduced False Positives

Deliver a seamless user experience with minimal friction while significantly reducing false positives for optimal accuracy.

Multi-modal liveness verification

We provide a tailored approach to authentication with active, passive, and hybrid models, ensuring flexible and thorough liveness checks.

Our solutions incorporate active liveness checks, prompting users to take guided actions such as head movement or voice recognition to confirm real-time presence.

The passive liveness checks operate silently. We capture and analyze biometric data without requiring any explicit action from the user, ensuring a seamless and nonintrusive verification experience.

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Why Complycube?

The ComplyCube platform offers the most complete, flexible, and top-rated KYC solutions to help you build trust in your business. Whether you’re a startup or a multinational enterprise, we’ve got you covered.

10+ million

Transactions are processed week in and week out across the globe.


Countries and territories supported for a greater peace of mind.


Data points from trusted sources and partners across the world, giving you the highest coverage.


Client onboarding rate, helping you convert more customers and grow your business. 

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Fraud prevention

We support banks and regulated businesses in their fight against fraud, mitigating financial losses without compromising the customer journey.

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Privacy First

Our completely hosted and secure remote verification service enables customer validation without resorting to unsafe methods such as email for sensitive PII data.

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Anti-Spoofing Software

The AI-powered liveness detection employs ISO/IEC 30107-3 certified biometric Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) technology. This tech constructs 3D facial maps, analyzes skin textures, studies micro-expressions, identifies pixel alterations, detects masks, and uses several other proprietary methods. 

Our Liveness Detection algorithm flags sophisticated spoofing techniques, including but not limited to:

  • Printed Photo
  • Printed Mask
  • Video Replay
  • 3D Mask
  • Deepfakes

Biometric Verification

The optimal customer journey strikes a balance between minimal interaction and maximum data extraction. This philosophy drives our design, allowing our biometric liveness detection solution to operate effectively on just a selfie.

Despite its streamlined approach, our system remains vigilant against fraudulent attempts. From high-resolution photo deceits to mask impersonations, we ensure a fortified line of defense against spoofing with the help of liveness detection for face recognition.

Man wearing headphones using a smartphone. Face check for biometric facial recognition
Illustration of an ID card, KYC
Customer identity, KYC Solutions: ID verified
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Enhanced ID Verification

ComplyCube employs AI technology and, optionally, human expertise to assess various ID documents rigorously. We check for potential issues such as compromise, forgery, internet duplication, expiration, and blacklisting.

ComplyCube uses document liveness detection to ensure authenticity across a range of documents like passports, travel documents, licenses, identity cards, permits, and visa stamps.

Frequently asked questions

Liveness detection is a security technology that verifies the genuine presence of a person during the identity verification process to prevent fraudulent attempts and identity theft. Employing liveness detection software makes this process more streamlined.

Absolutely, we offer a wide range of integration capabilities including our liveness detection API, Hosted Solution, Web SDKs, and native Mobile SDKs.


Yes, our certified liveness detection solutions are designed with data privacy regulations in mind, ensuring that personal information is handled securely and in compliance with global laws.

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