Reliable AI Age Estimation for Age Detection

ComplyCube Unveils no-ID AI Age Estimation Solution

Tapping into advanced biometric technology, ComplyCube's age estimation tool can swiftly show reliable age estimations in seconds using just one selfie. The AI-powered solution is bias-tested and actively checks for liveness....
Redaction of PII data feature for document checks

ComplyCube’s New PII Redaction Tackles Data Privacy Concerns

This function efficiently obscures sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII) such as the Dutch BSN, aiding businesses in adhering to international data privacy regulations without compromising user experience....
ComplyCube New ID Liveness Layer for Document Authentication

ComplyCube Bolsters ID Verification with Liveness Layer

ComplyCube has fortified its Document Authentication service to tackle “screen replay attacks”, in which fraudsters present ID documents displayed on monitors, smartphones, or tablets screens....