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Onboard more customers with leading Identity VerificationAML, and KYC solutions. ComplyCube’s AI platform verifies customers’ identities in seconds through ID documents, selfies, and trusted data sources.

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KYC Solutions: ID verified
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GLOBAL Coverage

Know Your Customer

Perform global KYC checks quickly and cost-effectively.

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Identity Verification

Verify your customers true identity in under 30 seconds.

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Complete solution

Anti-Money Laundering

Prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, and fraud.

Trusted by big names

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Cledara has worked with ComplyCube since day one. It worked fabulously for us when we were very small and it continues to be great as we scale globally. The product meets the needs of small and large companies which means that we have been able to maintain stable and predictable processes as we have grown.

Cristina Vila, Co-Founder & CEO

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The lack of trust had long been overwhelming the physical commodities market. When we set out to change that by building Trust Chain, we chose ComplyCube for their superb KYC & AML technology and excellent customer service. With them, we could achieve an unparalleled onboarding experience and piece of mind.

Katrin Shechtman, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

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Why Complycube?

The ComplyCube platform offers the most complete and flexible KYC solutions to help you build trust in your business. Whether you’re a startup or a multinational enterprise, we’ve got you covered with our multi-layered online identity verification.

10+ million

Transactions are processed week in and week out across the globe.


Countries and territories supported for a greater peace of mind.


Data points from trusted sources and partners across the world, giving you the highest coverage.


Client onboarding rate, helping you convert more customers and grow your business. 

Complete identity verification and KYC solutions for any use case

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Know Your Customer

ComplyCube provides a complete set of Know Your Customer (KYC) building blocks to support virtually any business model.

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Customer Onboarding

Our integrated platform offers unrivalled flexibly that allows you to build lightning-fast workflows and onboard your customers in seconds.

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Age Verification

Protect underage users from accessing restricted content, products or services, without any additional friction or complicated checks.

Built with developer productivity in mind

Our simple yet powerful platform will enable you to roll out bank-grade identity verification and KYC solutions faster than ever.

In addition to our best-in-class API, we provide client libraries, capture SDKs, and hosted solutions to enable you to integrate with us as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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