As the world rapidly embraces virtual asset service providers (VASPs), crypto regulation follows quickly behind. By leveraging our crypto KYC / AML services you can legitimize your services ahead of the curve. 

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Massive exit scams have dominated cryptocurrency crimes in recent years. With two of the most prominent exits netting a total of 4 billion dollars.

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Seamless digital onboarding

In the fast-moving space of crypto. We provide the innovation and technology you need to deliver a seamless digital experience for your crypto business.

Secure banking

Secure transactions

Security is vital to build trust in trading. We offer biometric authentication that allows you to secure suspicious transactions before they happen.

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Fully compliant

AML is paramount in building the reputation of crypto. That’s why we offer bank-grade KYC checks and AML screening to meet global regulatory requirements.

Identity Document Verification

Fast document verification

When onboarding a new investor/trader, use our advanced biometric checks to verify the person presenting the identity document is the same individual.

We perform a comprehensive analysis leveraging biometric and behavioral vectors to give you the highest level of assurance.

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Identity Data Verification

Stop rug pulls with vetted owners

Leverage our AI-powered liveness detection to establish genuine customer presence and deter imposters. Our anti-spoofing detection will protect your business from advanced presentation attacks, such as 3D masks, without additional user friction.

anti money laundering

Legitimise Crypto

As crypto enters mainstream institutional investor portfolios the keywords are anti-money laundering. To ensure your business is not tainted with cryptos old reputation, use our AML suite to manage your risk appetite and deliver your risk-based approach.

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Explore other solutions

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Watchlist screening

Our comprehensive coverage of global AML watchlist sources, instant results, and flexible automation features ensure that you comply with all regulations.

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Continuous Monitoring

Monitor your customers against our sanctions, watchlists, PEP, and adverse media databases after you have onboarded them.

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Anti-money laundering

Our easy-to-integrate AML platform to satisfy regulators, prevent financial crime (FinCrime) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF).

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Why Complycube?

The ComplyCube platform offers the most complete and flexible KYC tools to help you build trust in your business. Whether you’re a startup or a multinational enterprise, we’ve got you covered.

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Transactions are processed week in and week out across the globe.


Countries and territories supported for a greater peace of mind.


Data points from trusted sources and partners across the world, giving you the highest coverage.


Client onboarding rate, helping you convert more customers and grow your business.