Boost eKYC with smart address verification

Deliver exceptional customer experiences by confidently and accurately verifying the location of your global customer base with our address verification service.

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Proof of address verification

Extract data from utility bills and bank statements and verify them against your customers’ details.

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Data verification

Verify customers’ address details against trusted sources, such as government and credit bureaus.

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Address capture

Instantly check, verify and correct your customers’ addresses.

Proof of address Verification

Accurately verify your customer's Proof of Address (POA) documents

Enhance and automate your KYC controls by dropping in our POA verification service to extract your customer’s address, among other details, and verify them against their provided details and geolocation data.

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Address Data verification

Access trusted global data sources to verify your customer's address

Leverage ComplyCube’s global and extensive data points to match and verify your customer’s address and details against multiple trusted bureaus, including credit agencies, government authorities, utility companies, and commercial databases. Our customizable service only takes a few seconds to perform the verification.


Enhance address data structures and deliverability with our real-time address lookup service​

Parse, standardize, verify, cleanse, and format addresses using a single, simple-to-integrate API. Instantly verifying any address in over 240 countries is made easy by combining proprietary technology with the most comprehensive databases.

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Get started with digital address verification today

Our address verification suite is available through all our channels and can be used to verify your customers immediately.

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Smart capture flow

Our localized and UX-optimized smart capture flows will guide your customers through the necessary steps to acquire their consent and capture their data and relevant POA documents.

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Global coverage

Regardless of your industry or location, our solution, with a global coverage spanning over 240 countries and territories, can be implemented quickly to ensure your verification processes operate smoothly.

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Our AML & KYC services are available across all major systems, including iOS, iPad OS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Our SDKs and hosted solutions offer UX-optimized capture components that can be dropped into your application in a matter of minutes.

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Powering publicly listed companies across the globe, ComplyCube meets stringent security, data privacy, and risk management requirements. Data is encrypted at rest and in motion, with a rich audit trail and Roled-based Access Controls (RBAC) available out-of-the-box.

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