Powerful and intuitive AML case management

Effortlessly review cases, perform thorough investigations, document your findings, view audit logs, and advance through customized workflows using our AML case management solution.

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Onboarding in seconds

Make onboarding decisions faster with automation and clear risk visualization.

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Keep regulators happy

Satisfy your regulators with enterprise touchpoint reporting and comprehensive audit trails.

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Intelligent workflows

Use smart custom rules and role-based workflows to streamline your operations.

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Our single customer view enables rapid investigations

ComplyCube’s industry-leading investigation platform augments all your customer data with our knowledge graph insights and puts it at your investigative or compliance team’s fingertips. 

By providing clear risk score breakdowns, suggestions for further investigation, and allowing feedback to be recorded, agents can onboard confidently and quickly.

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Smart KYC orchestration

Completely transparent, secure, and efficient case management

Business rules applied and thresholds used are always front and center.  Our AML case management system allows you to set rules to assign cases to different team members or automatically accept when specified criteria are met.

A detailed audit trail and tracked collaboration tools ensure cross-team traceability while meeting regulatory requirements.

Streamlined customer outreach

Transformative customer communications

By modernising your KYC customer outreach operations with ComplyCube’s Flow™, you improve your customer onboarding experience. 

ComplyCube Flow™ automates previously manual communications and provides customers with guided outreach to close case inquiries  (e.g. submitting additional documentation) quickly and efficiently.

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Serve more clients by automating your operations today.

We’ll swiftly mobilize you with our no-code/low code solutions, using best practice workflows that are tweaked to meet your risk-based approach.

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Automate your workflows

Our Customer Success team can provide ongoing assistance and optimize KYC operations as business needs change.

We will also enable your team to make real-time changes to align with your policies and risk appetite.

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Secure customer outreach

Configure your workflows to reach out to clients using our secure, branded, fully customizable, hosted KYC and identity verification solution ComplyCube Flow™

Ensure your data collection is GDPR compliant as you verify your clients quickly, with minimal code

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Visualize investigation data

The way in-depth KYC data sets are presented impacts how effective investigations are. Especially when indirect associations and interactions over time are identified.

Our visual entity association and detailed check breakdowns. Provide the explainability required by regulators and operational analysts alike.

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Our enterprise audit and role-based access controls (RBAC). Provide you with the investigation traceability expected by the most stringent regulators. 

All business rules, trigger thresholds, and collaborator notes are presented, allowing operations across large multi-team organizations.

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Explore other solutions

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Sanctions and PEP screening

ComplyCube’s comprehensive coverage of global AML watchlist sources and flexible automation features ensures that you comply with the most stringent regulations.

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Real-time continuous monitoring

Keep on top of your Ongoing Due Diligence (ODD) obligations with ease, using our continuous monitoring service. You’ll get notified in real-time should your customers’ status change.

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Document Verification

Our document verification service offers a best-in-class user experience. Your users will love the clear instructions as they are guided through our fast verification process.

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Biometric Verification

Use our advanced biometric checks to verify the person presenting the identity document is the same individual. Our comprehensive analysis uses biometric and behavioral vectors to give you the highest level of assurance.

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Address verification

Improve the quality of your customer information by using our smart capture solutions and extract relevant details from Proof of Address (PoA) documents and verify them against client-provided details and geolocation.

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Multi-bureau checks

Verify your customer details such as name, address, date of birth, and Social Security Number (SSN) against against a wide range of trusted sources such as government agencies, credit bureaus, and proprietary databases.