ComplyCube listed in the 2024 RegTech100

ComplyCube RegTech100 2024 list

London, December 6, 2023ComplyCube, the leading KYC/AML SaaS, was included in the prestigious RegTech100 list for 2024. This recognition marks the AI platform’s outstanding contributions to the field of regulatory technology in the areas of compliance, risk management, and fraud prevention. 

A Benchmark of Excellence  

The RegTech100 list, now in its seventh year, is a comprehensive guide to the world’s most innovative RegTech companies. A group of experienced analysts and industry specialists evaluated an extensive list of almost 1,400 companies, compiled by RegTech Analyst. It serves as a benchmark for businesses seeking reliable and effective solutions in regulatory technology.    

Mariyan Dimitrov, the director of research at RegTech Analyst, emphasized the significance of this year’s list, stating,  

This year’s RegTech100 list highlights the leading companies in areas such as information security, compliance, risk management, and fraud prevention working on the forefront of innovation and new AI implementations which have demonstrated a strong track record delivering regulatory and operational improvements in financial services. 

ComplyCube’s Pioneering Role  

ComplyCube has established itself as a leader and the next-gen trust platform for the internet, with a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to streamline and enhance identity verification and compliance processes. The AI-powered platform’s fully-managed KYC as a service simplifies scaling AML and KYC compliance for businesses, ensuring a balance between stringent security measures and user-friendly experiences, making it an ideal partner for businesses seeking efficient, reliable, and scalable regulatory compliance tools. 

Selected for its seamless customer verification, onboarding, and ongoing monitoring solutions, ComplyCube has partnered with businesses of varying sizes across the globe, from promising startups and fast-growing scaleups to listed multi-nationals such as Lyca Mobile, Citi Bank, AXA, HSBC, and more. 

This recognition by RegTech Analysts underscores the IDV platform’s pivotal role in enhancing operational efficiencies and regulatory compliance across various industries, including, but not limited to, telecom, fintech, recruitment, insurance, banking, gaming, and more.  

A Future Shaped by Innovation  

ComplyCube’s selection for the RegTech100 2024 list reflects its vital impact in transforming regulatory compliance with technology-first processes. This accolade serves as a testament to ComplyCube’s dedication to developing cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of the regulatory and economic landscape.  

Dr Tarek Nechma, CEO of ComplyCube, commented on the inclusion:  

Being listed in the RegTech100 is a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovate in the regulatory technology sector. At ComplyCube, we do more than develop advanced, inclusive AI solutions. Our remarkable team is working towards crafting a more secure, streamlined, and compliant future, directly benefiting our valued partners and their customers. This recognition affirms our forward-thinking approach and further motivates us to persist in our pursuit of excellence across all of our services. 

About ComplyCube  

ComplyCube specializes in providing state-of-the-art solutions for identity verification and regulatory compliance, focusing on leveraging advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning. The automation-first IDV SaaS offers robust tools to streamline compliance processes, enhance operational efficiency, and safeguard against financial crimes.  

About RegTech Analyst  

RegTech Analyst provides in-depth research, analysis, and insights in the field. As the curator of the RegTech100 list, they identify and showcase the most innovative companies transforming regulatory compliance through technology. 

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