Fast Customer Onboarding

Fast Customer Onboarding

Onboard your customers with our cutting-edge solution in under 1 minute.

Trusted identity verification

Trusted identity verification

Our solution detects spoofing, tackles fraud, and minimises false-positives.

Simple and quick Integration

Simple & quick Integration

Cut down integration time and effort with our powerful SDKs & APIs

iPhone illustration showing facial detection software
iPhone illustration showing facial detection software
iPhone illustration showing facial detection software
iPhone illustration showing facial detection software
iPhone illustration showing facial detection software

Mobile OnboardingMobile Onboarding

Our mobile SDKs deliver an unparalleled digital onboarding experience that your customers will love, wherever they are in the world. They are feature-rich and will help you redefine the user experience of the KYC & ID verification process without ever compromising on your AML compliance and due diligence obligations.

Your users will love the simple-to-follow instructions as they are guided through our fast verification process. The SDKs will also provide live feedback to your users if they detect any issues, such as blurriness or obstructed facial features, that may hinder verification.

You can configure what type of Identity Documents (IDs) SDKs can accept, and with our cutting-edge liveness detection, you can rest assured that the document holder is indeed present during the verification process.

Web-based onboardingWeb onboarding

Our Web SDK offers the easiest solution to get started with our Identity Verification service. We've designed it to be highly customisable so that you can configure and style it to meet your business needs. This will enable you to seamlessly integrate ComplyCube's verification into your onboarding, process and your users will hardly notice it's there.

Our Autofill feature can be used to further improve customer data acquisition and streamline your onboarding process. Our Autofill service automatically recognises documents and extracts document holder data in a matter of seconds.

We are continuously improving our SDKs to stay ahead of fraudsters and scammers and to empower you to focus more on your core business while we do the KYC heavy lifting!

Fast & reliable checksFast & reliable checks

ID proofing check


ID proofing check

Is the ID document authentic and valid?

Similarity check


Similarity check

Is the person holding the ID the same person shown in the ID photo?

Liveness check


Liveness check

Is the person holding the ID physically present during the transaction?

Definitive answer


Definitive answer

ComplyCube instantly delivers a definitive yes or no answer.

A multi-layered KYC compliance in a fast-changing regulatory landscape

What is Customer Due Diligence (CDD)?

Customer Due Diligence (CDD) is the act of assessing your customers' background to determine their identity and the level of risk they possess. This is done by assessing a customer's name, photograph on an official document and residential address.

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Enabling Trust

Know Your Customer in the digital age

Accurate text extraction

Customer data accurately extracted from identity documents.

Advanced liveness checks

Face depth analysis, micro-expressions detection, occlusion recognition and more.

Reliable fraud prevention

Anti-spoofing, specimen checks, tampering detection.

Increased conversion rate

Frictionless User eXperience (UX) that reduces customer drop-offs.

GDPR Ready

All data is processed and encrypted using the best data management practices.

Platform Agnostic

iOS, iPad OS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE.

Customisable Workflow

SDKs can be configured to meet your business requirements.

Flexible & Rich APIs

Easily integrate our services into your existing workflows and applications.

Trusted by compliance specialists across the board

Covering over 1300 document types and 200 countries

Financial servicesFinancial services












Simple and powerful APIAPI-rich platform

API designed by developers for developer to empower next-gen automated processes.