As a digital service provider, you must implement KYC and AML best practices and a fully compliant frictionless user journey to remain competitive. 


Fraudsters are increasingly targeting FinTech. A single FinTech service provider had over 4 million synthetic accounts created on their platform.

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Our AML & KYC services are available across all major systems, including iOS, iPad OS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Secure banking

Digital security

We offer KYC checks that help safeguard your organization from ever-evolving methods of fraud to provide a truly secure FinTech experience.

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Worldwide compliance

Digital borderless service providers can use ComplyCube to meet global regulatory obligations.

Identity Document Verification

Digital and instant document authentication

FinTech customers are digital by definition. They expect instant access with real-time updates as they go through your customer journey.

Our AI-powered document verification services secure your onboarding journey with the rapid response times demanded by your customers. 

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trusted source Data Verification

Instance access to reference agencies

In an industry where systematic scripted attacks are common. Seamless robust KYC and ongoing data verification are key to securing your customer journey.

Our service enables you to complete enhanced due diligence (EDD) and continuous due diligence (CDD) over global data sources to verify your customer’s name, address, date of birth, etc with trusted data sources.

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Advanced fraud management

Any serious FinTech’s focus must be more than the customer. You must facilitate operational excellence to meet regulator obligations while taking market share.

Our world-class investigation platform provides vast datasets at your analyst’s fingertips. Rich client profiles and network relationship visuals make discounting simple.

Case management

Application fraud prevention

We promote application fraud prevention in banks, helping to reduce losses. This is all done without impacting customer experience.
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Transactional fraud and monitoring

Anti-money laundering in banking is essential. Flag and monitor inconsistent and potentially criminal financial activity in real time.

Recommended solutions

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Know Your Customer

Deter fraudsters without adding unnecessary friction to genuine customers using our smart and configurable identity verification checks

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Sanctions and PEP screening​

ComplyCube’s comprehensive coverage of global AML watchlist sources and flexible automation features ensures that you comply with the most stringent regulations.

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Real-time continuous monitoring​

Keep on top of your Ongoing Due Diligence (ODD) obligations with ease, using our continuous monitoring service. You’ll get notified in real-time should your customers’ status change.

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Why Complycube?

The ComplyCube platform offers the most complete and flexible KYC tools to help you build trust in your business. Whether you’re a startup or a multinational enterprise, we’ve got you covered.

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Transactions are processed week in and week out across the globe.


Countries and territories supported for a greater peace of mind.


Data points from trusted sources and partners across the world, giving you the highest coverage.


Client onboarding rate, helping you convert more customers and grow your business.